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Manila Dirty Ice Cream (Sorbetes) Postcard

Manila Dirty Ice Cream (Sorbetes) Postcard

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Sorbetes is the Filipino version of ice cream. It is traditionally made with carabao's milk or coconut milk and fruits. Some popular flavors are mango, ube, avocado, cheese, and chocolate. They were coined "dirty" because they were sold on the streets in painted wooden carts by peddlers, who didn't always wear gloves, and instead wrapped the ends of the sugar cones with a thin napkin. That never stopped anyone from buying though because they are delicious!!

Whether you frame it, hang it up, or send it in the mail, this postcard is the perfect way to brighten anyone's day and remind them of the colorful and vibrant city that is Manila.

Each postcard was handdrawn and colored on paper, digitally rendered, and then printed on C2S 270gsm paper.

Size: 4 x 6 inches

Also available as a sticker. Purchase the Manila sticker pack here.

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